StatCan reviews oil transport

Today Statistics Canada (StatCan) released Canada’s shifting sands: Oil production, distribution and implications, 2005 to 2014, a short report with 8 charts. Among the highlights are:

  • Oil production in Canada increased by over 50% from 2005 to 2014 with crude bitumen and synthetic crude accounting for almost all of the growth.
  • In 2014, Canadian railways shipped over 185,000 rail cars containing fuel oils and crude petroleum; three times the number shipped in 2005.
  • Since 2005, pipeline and rail accidents have tended to reflect broader economic trends, but notable spills have clearly demonstrated some of the risks of the oil industry.
  • Largely driven by oil sands expansion, the oil and gas sector accounted for over one quarter (26%) of Canada’s 732 megatonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2014.[*]

* On a national basis, transportation accounts for for 23-24% of GHG emissions and was surpassed as a source of GHGs by the oil and gas sector only in 2012, according to this report.