Air passengers choose their money over their life, and yours, in emergency

Yesterday’s crash landing in Dubai of an Emirates Boeing 777 was survived by all passengers and crew, although a firefighter died in the following blaze which consumed the aircraft’s cabin.

In such an emergency, airliner crews explicitly direct passengers to leave everything behind. However, many Emirates passengers ignored the order and stopped to collect carry-on luggage before exiting, endangering not only themselves but also the passengers behind them.

Most airlines aim to complete an aircraft evacuation in 90 seconds, the U.S. FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) standard. A 2000 study of 46 aircraft evacuations by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board found that almost 50 percent of people had tried to take a bag. Not only do some stop for their luggage, others take video as shown in the Guardian’s link. (Sources: The Guardian, “Dubai crash-landing: video footage shows passengers stopping for luggage“;, 2016-08-04, “Crashing, Burning Planes Don’t Stop Passengers From Grabbing Their Luggage“)