YVR plans 60% passenger increase between 2016-2037

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) has released more documentation on its 20-year planning exercise, YVR 2037 Master Plan.

The most recent round of public consultation on Phase 3 launched on January 18th which coincided with the Flight Plan 2037 announcement and closed on Feb. 20, 2017.

The increased passenger number speculates on 35 million passengers in 2037, versus 22 million at present. YVR is careful to stress the risks or probabilities of 20-year forecasts. Its forecast of aircraft movements on the other hand is much lower than the 60% passenger increase cited in the title of this post. Whether this presupposes a greater number of larger capacity aircraft in future is not directly addressed (that I can see), but if aircraft movements cleave closely to passenger increases a 60% increase would translate into 510,000 annual movements compared to 2016’s 319,000 aircraft movements (runway and non-runway).