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Tetracom provides Management Consulting and Project Management services with a focus on transportation and international trade, supply chain management, and corporate change.
The company is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Tetracom’s Mission

Tetracom enhances the profitability of its clients by applying management science techniques to opportunities for cost reduction or market expansion.

What’s On This Web Site?

* Details about Tetracom’s services
* Who Tetracom is
* Tetracom’s Code of Ethics and Privacy Policy
* Why 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) makes economic sense
* A logistics news blog
* Various documents that Tetracom has produced for different logistics purposes.
* Some notes and credits for the web site itself

Contact Information

General Information: tetracom_logistics at tetracom dot ca

Tetracom’s postal address and other contact information is found on a separate “Contact Us” page.