Services – What Tetracom Does

Tetracom runs projects. In the broadest terms these projects are either analytical or administrative.

Management Consulting

Management consulting is the research and analysis function, which identifies causes of problems or opportunities for growth. Sometimes clients have a clear idea of what questions they want answered. Other times they may be aware of symptoms, but are unsure of the underlying causes or effective treatment.

Tetracom provides answers, based on sound methodologies, and recommendations, based on realistic assessments of the client’s resources.      Read more

Project Management

Project management is the administrative function. It often grows out of the Management Consulting function, or may be part of a larger design/build project.

Once the client has decided upon a course of action, Tetracom can administer all aspects of the project to realize a successful outcome. Best practices are applied to the conceptualization, planning, team assembly and so on.     Read more