Why Hire Tetracom?

Key Benefits of Management Consulting with Tetracom

  • cost-effective: your company makes more profitable decisions about the challenges you face when reliable information is available
  • professional standards of research and reporting
    • proper study design ensures optimal results
    • strict control of data collection and tabulation ensures statistical accuracy
    • clear, timely presentation of results and recommendations
  • unbiased and free of the effects of corporate culture, political behaviour, infighting, vested interests of existing employees


  • develop KBI’s (Key Business Indicators) or KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) specific to your business
  • opinion surveys of customers, suppliers, or employees
  • sampling studies to measure operational performance/efficiency
  • business intelligence
    • measure company or department performance through analysis of existing company data banks
    • customer relationship management
  • competitor intelligence reports
  • customized market analysis focused on your product/service, capabilities and reputation of potential partners, best export markets, future trends

Key Benefits of Project Management with Tetracom

  • cost effective:
    • “project” approach avoids cost of hiring new, full-time employees
    • current employees don’t have to assume additional duties
    • project design maximizes benefit while minimizing cost
  • uses “best practices” of project planning and management
  • unbiased, professional administration minimizes disruptive political behaviour and departmental infighting
  • a Terms of Reference provides clear goals and success measures


  • Tetracom applies up-to-date practices and tools to the design and administration of your project:
    • use of project management computer software (e.g. MS Project)
    • WWW- and intranet-based Project Management Information Systems
    • flexible range of formats for progress reporting on a “need-to-know” basis for different stakeholders
  • The project design includes a clear definition of the desired goal and deliverables, supported by clear objectives for schedule, cost and other resources.
  • Tetracom can pick up the administration of your project at almost any point, whether at the earliest stages of project conceptualization or at later stages when loss of key personnel, inadequate performance or unforeseen events put your project at risk.

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